5. Finishing Up

5.1. Making it Functional


Mention some brief stuff here about kernel compilation and installation, bootscripts, network setup, system config files, fstab, bootloader, etc, etc, etc. In other words, anything needed to make the built system functional.

Remove the dummy user and groups that were created earlier.

sed -i '/dummy/d' /etc/{group,passwd}

For enhanced security, you probably want to enable shadow passwords and shadow group passwords:


5.2. Conclusion

If you found this document useful, I'd appreciate you dropping me a line at . It will help me gauge levels of interest in the project and determine future development direction.

5.3. Acknowledgments

Many folks have helped out with fixes, suggestions, bug reports and testing (too numerous to list here). But some have made outstanding contributions for which I'd like to especially say thanks:

  • Jon Grosshart generously donated a PowerPC based Mac Mini to allow ppc to be added as a supported architecture.